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Introducing Brad Callen’s SEO Link Vine

It’s common knowledge among all internet marketers that backlinks are the key to rank well within the search engines. If you don’t know that already, let me fill you in, rankings are a result of backlinks. Now lets get one thing straight, it’s not just about getting any type of link either, there are certain links that Google and the search engines love. Google loves backlinks that are found within content and from a variety of sites on the internet, especially those that already have PageRank.

Now you can have immediate access to one of the largest networks of blogs ever opened to the public. Brad Callen’s SEO Linkvine is the missing weapon in your SEO arsenal.

Brad went from having ZERO traffic and visitors to over 6,000+ daily visitors in less than three months!

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SEO Linkvine is an unbelievable tool that will provide that extra punch you’ve always needed for your rankings. If you’ve been struggling with getting your website or websites to rank, that is all about to change.

The largest network of blogs ever available to the public is now at your finger tips! We aren’t talking low quality blogs either, these are blogs that the search engines already love. Brad Callen’s SEOLinkvine was created to be an easy three step process to make it easy for anyone to get started.

  1. Create an article describing your product, service or website and include a link to your site
  2. Submit it to SEOLinkvine
  3. Watch the backlinks build up and your rankings skyrocket!

That’s it, an easy three step process that takes the frustration and hassle of out linkbuilding. If you’ve ever failed with article marketing, directory submission, or any other mass automated link building gimmick then it’s time to try out the power of SEO Linkvine.

Why use Brad Callen’s SEO Link Vine?

  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Unlimited backlink potential
  • Immediate access to over 20,000 high quality blogs
  • Natural drip-fed link building

SEO Linkvine provides unlimited submissions to their network of high quality blogs. That’s really what’s most important with any legitimate and high quality link building campaign. It doesn’t appear natural to the search engines if you suddenly receive 500 new backlinks in the span of a day. Although with SEO Link vine you get to that natural link building process that spans out for weeks.

Why? After you submit your content the blog owners get notified of a new submission via email. They can then login and view the new content that fits their category of blog. They then can post it whenever they want. Since not all blog owners are active, they will all login and view your content at different times! Which then means they add it to their blog at different times.

How does SEO Link vine differ from Article Marketing to Directories?

Submitting articles to directories is an old fashioned and unreliable method for link building. Let’s face it, these auto-article directory submitters don’t submit your articles to high quality directories. Generally these are directories that have been spammed to death with duplicate content, little to no backlinks, and generally completely ad infested. The search engines hate those directories and as a result won’t count those backlinks.

It’s time to move on, they want to see higher quality backlinks from higher quality areas of the internet. That’s where SEO Linkvine comes into play. Offering you the ability to choose relevant blogs to distribute your articles too.

Risk Free SEOLinkvine Trial

If that’s not enough for you, Brad Callen is offering a 100% Money Back guarantee on his service! Can you believe that? If you aren’t completely satisfied with the service, then Brad will refund your money!

So what do you have to lose? It’s a risk-free investment for access to the largest and most advanced blog network ever available to the public. Give it a try today!

If you haven’t decided that SEOLinkvine was right for you, then I’ve got a little story that may help motivate you. Recently while I was surfing in San Francisco, in a wetsuitnonetheless, I was thinking about life and how it often relates to Search Engine Optimization.

You see more often than not we’ll proactively decide that we need help. We’ll call up our therapist encinitas and ask them to give a lending hand into why our lives aren’t the way we want them to be. They’ll often use different mediums whether its cognitive behavioral therapy or other forms to help you work through your problems. You see, what is often overlooked in life is that we never take enough time off for “me time”.

Checking out of the grid, turning off your cell phones, and simply getting away to a far away place that will allow you to simply relax. Whether its a Drakensberg accommodation or if you wanted to get away to somewhere a little more classic, such as a renting villas in Spain.  Whatever the case, you need to get away, atleast once a year for a little bit of YOU time. How did we turn into a No Vacation Nation?

Americans tend to work like robots, dreaming of that European vacation pathetically working away and spending obscene amounts of money on material possessions rather than life experiences. Life is about experiences after all, so take a vacation! Get  yourself away from the hustle and bustle of life. Your car dealership will still be able to sell cars while your gone! Simply pack up, plan a trip and begin living life.

Never done Yoga? Well you should, bring along your yoga mats, some simple light clothes and go visit somewhere you never would have thought of before. For all you know Italy may be the place that wins your heart. With its Tuscan rolling hills, beautiful food, people and lifestyle. Find a cheap hotel in Italia and get away for a week or two. Getting away has never been so easy as it is today.

The real problem though is that you may come to the actual realization that you weren’t meant to work 9-5 Monday thru Friday. You may come to the realization that your material items have ended up controlling you. Its the reason your locked into your job. You may come to the realization that passive income opportunities area actually how you can obtain the ability to travel throughout the world.

Digital Nomads is what they call them, digital workers that travel the world collecting experiences than the latest purse. They’d rather site around garden fountains in a small town in Spain, reflecting on life and its true beauty then to be stuck in a cubicle working away their existence. Today you don’t need to have a brick and mortar office, you can simply rent a virtual office and work from any city in the world. There has never been a time like this in the history of mankind. You could setup a review business online that reviews popular products or services. Like a best web hosting review site, or a popular clothing review website.

The Basics of Internet MarketingOne of the most profitable ventures today lies in the complex world of internet marketing. Believe it or not, many people have quit their day jobs to start home-based ventures through the internet and their knowledge of the basics of internet marketing has allowed them to considerably profit enough to offset their need for a day job. If you remember, it wasn’t that many years ago when the internet boom created many young millionaires who were computer experts or thought of ingenious ideas that form the foundation of internet-based companies. Today, the game has somewhat changed but it hasn’t totally altered the base through which all internet businesses operate and that is the internet itself.

So what is internet marketing by the way and how can you profit out of it? To be honest, the explanation is too extensive to cover in one session much like you would want to do repetitive Keratin hair treatment sessions to really get the best value out of it. So instead, this post will try to give you the basic idea so you have a foundation from which you can do your succeeding research. The only thing that you would have to remember is that as long as you get the concepts right, you can easily settle those pay day loans in no time all while giving only a fraction of your time to your internet business.

So here are the basics: regardless of the kind of company that you are putting up a website for, you need one thing to get your site going and that is website traffic. If you are Helen Pastorino looking to build an internet reputation as a reliable real estate agent or a John Doe looking to sell products, your business has to be founded on the assumption that people will visit your site and “buy what you are selling.” The more people visit your site, the better is your chance of closing a sale. Conversely, fewer visitors mean less sales.

But suppose further that we are making a very simple blog about our interest in long distance running, specifically marathon running. How do you suppose we can profit from this venture? Yes, you can do all sorts of website tweaks to invite people to come in but how does that become solid money for you?

If you have been surfing the internet for a period of time, you would probably have noticed those ads that are just about anywhere. There are text ads, banner ads, glittering ads and other more subtle ads. The lowdown is that there are companies behind these ads who are willing to pay for “prime real estate” just so that they can put their products in places where more people see them. Say, I am the owner of Lekker Energie and I want to drive up my company’s reputation and sales: I would be willing to put the Lekker brand in places where more people see them even if it is for a fee. If your website is prime real estate, I would be willing to pay you so you can put up my ad.

This is the whole gist behind internet marketing; in a nutshell, it is about advertising your website so when you have become popular, you can charge big bucks for people to advertise through you. It is a game of company ratings and the companies that are highly rated are oftentimes the most profitable.

Now, the complicated part: how do you drive traffic to your site? There are actually many proven tips and tricks in internet marketing that would help to drive your site’s popularity so many people end up visiting it. Here are a few important ones.

1. Keyword Search. When you go to Google, you will need to type a keyword or a phrase to begin your search. That search brings back a list of results from which you can click to find your needed data. The higher you rank in a Google search for a specific keyword, the more traffic your site is likely going to get. This is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and there is a class of organization called SEO company that helps you achieve this. Alternatively, you can follow the succeeding steps to try to boost your SEO friendliness.
2. Say your keyword is “dental hygienist schools”; you want your website to rank high on Google for this specific keyword. You can write articles that are of excellent content, factual, and rich in the keyword that you want to rank high in. There are specific rules on how to do this and you will need to do some more reading to learn how to make your articles SEO-friendly.
3. In this second example, we suppose that your keyword is “Twinkle Christmas Lights” and you have already written articles that are SEO-friendly. The next step is to build links to promote your site. A link is a reference to your website from another website. Search Engines liken this to word-of-mouth advertisement where there are many websites “talking” about your site. It raises the popularity of the website being talked about. To do this, there are many backlinking websites that host very short articles with links to your original website so you end up populating the internet with many short content that all refer back to your website.
4. In this last example, we will talk about paid advertising and its role towards internet marketing. Simply put, if you can advertise yourself to promote your website, then you are in a better position. Of course, the basic assumption is that you end up earning more than what you spend. Advertising platforms like Google Adsense allows you to post text-based advertisements on websites with content related to yours. When browsing websites for wedding photographer york, you might find other related sites such as “Intimate Wedding Photographers” or other similar posts. This is the essence of promotional advertising and you can definitely promote your website in this manner.

Of course, the true extent of internet marketing runs deeper than the points we have mentioned but at least now you have an idea of the potential of the internet to deliver you a second reliable income source simply by promoting your website until it becomes prime real estate on the World Wide Web. Application of these tricks are guaranteed with boost your internet presence and reputation and as long as you keep at it, it is not inconceivable to find your business bringing in money to augment your month fixed income. Now, that’s the value of internet marketing!

How SEO Can Help Your Business

SEO is a set of actions undertaken on a site / blog in order to manipulate the favorable ranking keywords relevant to your site in search engines.

The purpose of SEO is to bring relevant traffic to your site. Relevant traffic is traffic that generates money and fame for you. I like to compare it to penny auctions: the bidder that gives the most money has the better rank. Besides SEO, in order to raise your ranking, the articles that you post must be like canapé lit bois for the French, 100% original.

The downside of searching to understand how SEO works is like searching the internet on how to get free Microsoft points, it is utterly pointless, and that is why, most people turn to specialized SEO companies or services. It is very important to start the SEO program immediately after you created the website or blog, because if you don’t, you will feel like you have log book loans, meaning that the payment for SEO services will rise constantly with the time that passes.

Another problem is choosing the right SEO company to manage your business, and this is like choosing prom dresses: some of them are cheap and not likely to get the job done, some have the right price but with nothing special to show and most of them are beyond your budget. That is why you will have to make a thorough research on which SEO service is the cheapest, fastest and suitable for your business, because if you don’t, you will get tricked into believing they are the best, resembling free dating sites: all the girls will give you the impression that they are the best, but in fact they’re not since they are only using anti wrinkle cream.

The perfect examples for the success of SEO services are ACN Inc, which is a company specialized in home services like telecommunication, network and many more; and Sbobet, which is an online sports book. These two companies managed, in a couple of months of SEO servicing, to became one of the well-known and high rated companies in their industry.

There is also a downside to the SEO program, and this issue is described like using anti winkle cream or irvingia gabonensis( the latter being a weight loss supplement recommended by Dr. Oz). All these three have one single thing in common: they might work and solve your problem with ease, but you can’t be 100% sure. So. It is a risk you will be willing to take or not.

In the end If you will do things by the book, you may end up successful and rich, or losing a lot of money with no satisfaction. It is up to you to make the right decisions every step of the way to ensure the your business is profitable.

Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search Engine Optimization has been one of the leading areas of internet marketing today. If you want to increase traffic to your site, you should be able to lend a good amount of time to Search Engine Optimization. The very basis of SEO is having organic search results realize into traffic then to profit. Having a very good Search Engine Optimized site may bring in WOW gold” to you.

These are 5 of top SEO Tips:Do tremendous keyword research
Keyword research is very important. You should be able to find a niche that can serve you. Google still remains to be the primary target for SEO. You can write about car insurance or any other topics that you think you can write about. Choose the keywords with less competition, hopefully below .01% but has a lot of searches. Only choose the keywords that you have deep knowledge. Write about the HCG diet plan if you are into health.

Write a lot of contentYou need to have monstrous content. You should be able to have good keyword density in your content so Google can index your posts faster. Don’t overwhelm or you may end up with an invisible site. If you are writing about family lawyers Sydney, try to write simple thoughts in finding one.

You should be able to use a great title. Use text formatting as bots are said to favor emphasized text. Write as if you are doing it on a pullup bar. Maintain a balance between keywords and discussions so they make sense.

Use an SEO friendly platform
You need to use a platform that has built in tagging and categories. If you have chosen a topic about depuy hip replacement recall, you can use figurative speaking and tell jokes about it, but have a platform that can give you the edge. The internet is not an academe where everybody wants to have formalized text formats. In the net, people want to have short but concise discussions. Water softener reviews may be written in lists so you create no crowding. Don’t go for lengthy paragraphs as it will be very tiring to write and read. Have them pinged automatically by your platform.
You may use dreamweaver templates but they need to have more options so you still need to have some programming done.

Provide links to your site
Links are very important. They are used to determine popularity and legitimacy of sites. Although it takes a lot of time for your site to be considered by Google in their lists and databases, you have to be patient as it is a time bomb waiting to explode. Create a Sharepoint development for everyone to accept and lead on.
You should use anchored text instead of just having the URLS. This is crawled by bots more often and has greater weight which will make finding your car batteries online much easier.

Constant Editing and tweaking

You need to constantly work on your site. You need to update them so the search engines see that the site is still active and the information is up to date. It’s just like taking on a higher education; you need to take up masters in health administration to be legitimate in the fields of health science management.

Google’s Privacy Changes in 2012

Google have announced that they are combining their sixty policies into on as of 1 March 2012. This has been done to help advertisers find customers and help people find relevant searches.

It is frustrating doing searches on Google and it comes up with all sorts of things you’re not looking for, so maybe these changes are for the better.

The new privacy policy will cover all the services currently provided by Google, this includes searches, videos, mail and social media. Thankfully you won’t need an online computer science degree to navigate around Google anymore.

If you’re after it jobs or online masters in nursing, you will be able to find them with a simple click of the mouse. There are so many people who rely on Google and these changes can only make their experience easier and more effective.

The new policy will mostly apply to anyone with a Google account, though it will still help non Google account holders when it comes to searches. It’s like PPI mis selling, everyone can take advantage of the errors that banks made, now everyone can advantages of the new privacy policy by Google from 1 March 2012.

Google account holders will be able to suggest searches and tailor their search results from Google +1 once signed into their accounts. This makes it easy to manage, highly effective and exceptionally efficient.

So how is this policy going to benefit the users?

Businesses will be able to find customers easily with simplified and relevant search results, whether you’re selling ms finance or level term life insurance.

People will be able to refine their searches only accessing relevant searches. You won’t need a masters public administration to organize the results to find the one you are looking for

Once logged into your Google Account you will be able to suggest great searches such as Africa safari

When you’ve logged into your Google Account your searches will be tailored offering relevant search results. If you are often looking for Scrabble word finder, you will find the searches much quicker than before and they will relate to your chosen search.

By combining the sixty policies into one easy policy, it will make it more reader friendly for users; they will be able to understand the policy with ease whether they intend using Google Mail, Google Search, Google Video or social networking.

The new privacy policy will come into effect on 1 March 2012 and it has been discussed with various top companies to ensure that it doesn’t breach any privacy laws.

It’s so great that Google is taking its users into consideration when putting these policies into one easy to read policy, this means that your searches can be relevant and tailored to your preferences and it won’t matter whether you’re looking for a merchant cash advance or a particular product.

Google is a completely free service when it comes to searches and has some rivals in the online market place, by changing the policy to benefit the users, they may be able to increase their marketplace at the same time.

How to Optimize Your Website for GoogleCreating a web site for a business of yours or looking forward for making a nice profit our of creating web site content is not a stroll in the park for most of us. If you feel the need to find out more info about this subject or if you are searching for one example of a successful and popularly recognized method of improving your sales or your SEO techniques.

If you are not well acquainted with the matter of search engine optimization in relation to your web site, you should know that it is comprised of a series of techniques which are meant to lead to more visitors to your web site, as a result of enhanced search engine visibility. Optimizing your web site so that it is Google ready should therefore also imply adopting some of the best SEO techniques you can now find. After all, you can use Google to find out how to successfully advance your skills as a teacher by searching for this topic on a specialized page and visiting their site to gather extra information. So reaching that information needs to be done as quick and accurate as possible, and with the help of accurate Google optimization, you could be doing just that.

How is this Google optimization obtained? You could start by following the official Google recommendations on how to improve your ranking on their search engine, check out the click here area of their informative briefs and start doing the things you read about there.

Next, you could start to create better content for your web site. While you also need your content to be search engine optimized, you also need to make sure it is human-ready ; after all, you are going to need real people to come by, read your articles, buy your stuff and come back a second and a third time and so on. So creating keyword-stuffed web site content is definitely not going to do you any good on the long term. Great content also usually gets linked form other sites, and whenever other web pages are going to link to you, you shall receive an extra vote and extra points in the Google system. Higher ranking linking is definitely something you need to look forward to, and as long as your content is top notch and really good, you should have no problem obtaining higher rankings.

You could be also focusing on using Google- connected blogging platforms in order to boost your Google optimization level. Create a special niche blog that speaks about compactors or create a blog that also features a Home & Garden Directory where folks can come and get all the info they need for their gardening needs. The more useful and well written and also human-directed your blog is going to be, and also the more videos and useful link it will contain, the bigger your chances are of reaching some higher peaks of success.

Also, d not be afraid to use all Google services such as Adsense to make money and take on self-inflicted clicking as well.

Latest Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

Search engine optimization (SEO) is something that is on every business owner, website manager and writers lips. It’s the way we market ourselves moving forward. It’s how you can ensure your website gets a high ranking in search engines and it’s a way to market yoruself to your specific target audience.

There are a few things about SEO that is more important than others, ones that will make your page be approved by search engines as reputable and ones that will help you get that ranking that you need to market your business and get the name out to as many potential customers as possible.


The most important search engine optimization tip is to keep your content new and fresh. Unique content that is informative and offers value to the reader will give you a good reputation with the search engine. Whether you want your customer to buy kratom or learn more about your product, offering unique and fresh content will go a long way.

Your content needs keywords, which are picked up by the search engine and helps when customers search for particular things, this is what will help your ranking. It’s advisable to have your web pages and blogs written by professional writers on a regular basis, this updates the content, ensuring it’s unique, new and fresh on an ongoing basis without forcing you to take time out of your busy schedule to write the content yourself.


We all know how important keywords are when it comes to search engine optimization, but you should keyword focus your title tag for each of your pages. Ensure you concentrate on a search phrase rather than just one word.

Bear in mind a customer searching for frank bobby or Trust deed are not going to search for just the words, they are going to add a phrase, concentrating on the phrase and using that as your keyword will help your rankings dramatically.

Ease of Use

One of the most important steps to developing a search engine optimized site is forgetting how important it is for clients to be able to navigate with ease. Business owners and developers can concentrate too much on the SEO side of things, leaving the plain obvious things out completely.

A customer arriving on a website and searching for a particular product will move to an opposition site quickly if they can find what they are looking for with only a few clicks of the mouse. You can have a dedicated server running your site and your site can have every SEO technique added, but if it’s hard to navigate, you will not reap the rewards.

Site Map

A site map is an essential part of your website and will help you improve your ranking in search engine results. When planning your site with a developer, ensure a site map is part of your package. Increase your visibility, improve your customer base and enjoy success through simple search engine optimization.
Search Engine Optimization Emarketing Presentation

Google Panda Updates

Google Panda was released over a year ago as a way to filter low quality sites from Google search engines. It became the SEO’s thorn in their side as this new update affected twelve per cent of search results, having visitors on many websites around the world.

A few days ago Google confirmed a new update which took hold on 6 November. The aim is to stop low quality sites getting high rankings in the search engine, the problem is that websites which have been fighting to recover from Google Panda could be hit again, you can get more info on the Google website.

SEO Recovery

As a person who specializes in SEO, I was forced to learn more about Google Panda, follow it when updates were announced and learn as much as I could to ensure that I wasn’t being a detriment to my customers, rather than helping them achieve online success.

Let’s take italian cooking for example. You want to learn how to make a delicious lasagne. You do an online search and the obvious choice is the first site that pops up in your search engine. The frustration for you as the user is that the site has nothing to do with making lasagne but rather something completely different. So while Google Panda is a thorn in the side of many websites, it’s advantageous to the user.

This means that people specializing in SEO have had to learn how to recover from these updates. They have had to learn how best to use SEO to help their customers achieve online success and meet the high demands of Google.

The obvious choice is to ensure that the articles, blogs and web pages are not over filled with keywords, keyword stuffing as it is called has been ignored by Google and immediately makes the source unreliable. Google is now concentrating on sites that offer informative and interesting information rather than the use of keywords, this has changed the way SEO works. In fact it’s changed history when it comes to search engine results and optimization.

You can search the internet for anything, maybe you’re looking for south beach smoke or free cell phone. When you do these searches as a person sitting in front of your computer, you expect the correct results to pop up in front of you, you expect the correct results to be at the top and this is what Google is trying to achieve.

That being said, for those websites that don’t over stuff their keywords and work hard to offer informative, interesting and reputable information, they are being given the exposure they deserve by being pushed to the top of the rankings.

If you think about it you want the site you are working on to be on a par with Wikipedia. Wikipedia is at the top of every search you will do and if you’re wondering why the answer is simple. Wikipedia is considered a reputable search by Google, they don’t over stuff their keywords and they offer visitors an informative experience. Exactly what Google Panda is trying to achieve.

What is White Hat SEO?

For the past few years you have probably heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you are a business owner or managing the marketing of a business, then understanding SEO is imperative to the success of the business in an online environment.

That being said, there are two types of SEO, there is the white hat SEO and the black hat SEO. Now I’m sure you’ve heard about the new Google Panda guidelines and are probably worried as to how this is going to affect your SEO endeavors.

White hat SEO is the use of SEO strategies focusing on the human reader rather than the search engine itself. This is done by the use of keywords, back linking and link building ensuring the experience is enjoyable and informative for the reader.

Black hat SEO on the other hand is all geared towards the search engine and obtaining results, exactly what Google Panda is trying to avoid.

If you were writing a page for a south africa website, you would want to inform the reader about the outdoor experience, the national parks and wild life parks, the blue flag beaches and the spectacular landscapes. Now you could over stuff the page with the same keyword over and over, but with Google getting clever with the black hat SEO practices this won’t get you very far. Rather concentrate on the person who will be reading the web page, link them to other pages that may interest them and improve your ranking that way, that is the white hat way of doing things.

It doesn’t matter whether you are marketing remodeling estimates or a Fender Stratocaster, using the right SEO technique can ensure your business success. Online is the most important place to market yourselves. These days everyone buys, compares and searches using the internet, so things have had to change moving forward.

One example is that SEO experts who are used to working under the white hat SEO techniques are more likely to succeed in the future than those who are used to the black hat SEO techniques. Google Pandas new rulings is that pages are now ranked according to value, interest and information rather than keywords and links. They are trying to ensure that information provided online is exactly what people are looking for.

I am sure there have been numerous occasions where you have searched for something online and when you get to the first search result it has absolutely no value. A complete waste of your time. Now white hat SEO works to ensure that the value and information you are looking for is there at your fingertips. It should offer you all the information you want along with additional info that you find valuable.

When you are searching online for a free video chat program and the first site to come up offers you valuable information that is interesting and informative you know the person who wrote it had you in mind, the human rather than the search engine, they used white hat SEO techniques to bring the information you needed to your computer screen.

What is Google Search Algorithm?

For people who rely on search engine results to market their business, nothing can be more important than being familiar with Google’s search engine algorithm. For many of us, however, Google has always been – and will always be – that website that returns our search queries regardless of the topic. When an average user types a string of words on the Google search bar, it matters little how Google retrieves the right data as long as it returns something useful.

But the truth is that, behind the scenes, things aren’t as simple. Google is built on a kind of programming protocol that determines how it ranks the results that it retrieves for the user. Search “pool table” for example, and depending on how a Google search algorithm is configured, different results may come out.

Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • First, Google “indexes” most the websites that are put up on the internet. Even if you are writing short movie reviews, Google will send trackers to catalogue the new information. Among the things that Google takes note of are keywords that are important to the article, links that refer to that article (some sort of referral system for web pages), the traffic that goes into that website. All of these data are used to try and ascertain the reliability and popularity of any given website.
  • When you run a query, Google checks its listed index and returns results that match closest to your query. However, before it can do so, it has to properly rank the results from the most relevant, or expected most helpful, to the least. You hate to be searching for an accident lawyer in San Diego,California and Google returns results of accident lawyers in Kansas City.

From here it is easy to see why Google’s search engine algorithm is important for people who plan to improve their business marketability on the internet. These small businesses invest money for SEO, or the process of making their websites friendly to search engines. Consequently, knowing how Google’s search engine handles the data is the ultimate secret to improving the visibility and marketability of these websites. If you “push Google’s buttons” the right way, you will likely end up in the first few pages of the search results where users have a higher likelihood of seeing your website. Conversely, get it wrong and the website will likely be relegated to page 20 of the search result; and we all know nobody checks Google results up to page 20.

Now, it is important to note that Google’s search engine algorithm does not remain static like one would expect. On average, Google updates it search algorithm about 500 to 600 times in a year so much so that a “PPI calculator” research today may yield a different result when done tomorrow. Often, the changes are minor but ever so often, Google rolls out a major change that leaves one unsure of where to start to “pick up the pieces.”

So the next time you type “temple run” on a Google search bar, pause for a minute to think about all the effort that goes into organizing the voluminous amount of data that course through the internet. And should you decide, whether on a part-time or full-time basis, that there is money to be had in the internet, remember these Google search algorithm basics. You can be confident that the success or failure of your venture depends largely on your ability to grasp all the details that go into optimizing a webpage for search engine purposes.

What is Black Hat SEO?

One of the most important concepts that people who are new to the internet should be familiar with is the idea of Black Hat SEO. No doubt, website administrators and managers, business owners, and internet marketing enthusiasts hammer home the importance of SEO or search engine optimization, as a means of improving the search rankings of a website in order to generate more traffic. Black Hat SEO happens when those who are in-charge with improving a website’s rankings use “sinister methods” to achieve these objectives. Naturally, it goes without saying that, like payday loans gone rouge, Black Hat SEO is not something you want your website to be associated to.

Now, understanding the concept of Black Hat SEO requires that a website manager understands what is first deemed legal and then relate these to the ways for which one can go overboard in the pursuit of website rankings. Some of the legitimate ways for building a website’s rankings result includes getting properly indexed, increasing reputation via proper linking, sound use of keywords and meta data and preventing crawling to avoid undesirable content in the resulting search index just like you would avoid a puzzle stool.

It is not hard to envision how these legitimate SEO concepts can be abused leading to the use of Black Hat SEO techniques. Here are a few examples of Black Hat SEO that is worth noting to any website administrator planning to embark on an internet marketing campaign.

  • Keyword Stuffing. The use of keywords in SEO is basic because it is the primary way through which search engines index the results. Many web administrators take this one step further by “stuffing” keywords on a page so it can appear more relevant to search engines. It’s not different from putting extraneous information on PPI claims to make it more believable. Search engines are wary of keyword-stuffed websites because, more often than not, they contain inferior content which have only be inflated to appear more credible than it actually is.
  • Hidden or invisible text. This used to be a major problem in years past and not so much as of late but it remains to be a perennial problem. The idea is closely related to keyword stuffing except that the text or keyword is made invisible by making it the same color as the background. Other techniques include hiding it in the HTML code so it does not appear in the actual article but is still a part of the page. This technique can bypass the cerco casa of older search engines but can be easily caught with more modern versions.
  • Link farms. Links are invaluable components of the standard search engine optimization concept because these are used to determine how a webpage is recognized by other sites as a reliable source of information. However, there are plenty of link farms which are created to profit from this. Link farms are low-quality websites specifically created to contain links to other sites. It’s like having an apartelle which primarily profits from putting up ads to serviced apartments. Because the website owner is paying for the link and it is not organically created, it is considered a Black Hat SEO technique.

It is important to know these Black Hat SEO methods because search engines like Google now penalize websites caught employing Black hat techniques. At the very worst, these websites can now be demoted or banned altogether. You can bet that Black Hat SEO is becoming one of the hot topics in education(at least that of computer engineering and information technology courses) as it becomes a more sensitive topic for website owners and administrators.

So the next time you find yourself needing to build a website and market it, be conscious of the likelihood that you are employing Black Hat SEO techniques, whether unintentional or otherwise. You don’t want your hard work to go down the drain with a search engine ban.

Ways to Achieve High Rankings in Search Results

Since the inception of the internet in the mid-90s, the war between and amongst network administrators and website owners has been all about who has the higher search engine rankings results on websites of similar types. Today, given the increased reach of the web combined with the money that can be had from internet marketing and advertising revenues, this jostling for position has only escalated into newer highs. Like a pinched nerve gone worse, every single website administratoris consumed by the idea of getting his or her website ranked on Page 1 of Google’s search results.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the ways developed to achieve high rankings in search results has become close to being a science and an art in itself. Today, you will find numerous suggestions on building a website’s reputation to improve its search ranking. And given there are products and brand segments that are highly competitive such as, for example, the search for the product, this is well warranted.

Here are some of the most important steps that one can take in order to build a website’s search ranking results.

Use of keywords. Keywords are the foundation of the search engine infrastructure. When a user types in a keyword, or string of keywords, on a search engine bar, the search engine looks at websites that carry the same keywords and uses this as a basis for matching the query with the results. A website administrator who wants to improve his or her website’s search rankings should specifically target keywords that best describe the website. For example, if you are competing in the niche for “coconut oil for face”, this string of keywords should be prominently used on your website so search engines will know what the website is about and so it can be considered as a ranked result in future user queries using that keyword.

Keyword density and positioning.It is not enough that the right keywords are being used in a page. There should also be “enough” of the keywords on a page to suggest that it is important (because it is being repeated) and for it to be positioned properly. The keyword string for example, is less effective when used in the middle of an article compared to when it is used in the very first line of the article. Other important locations are the subtitles or sub-headings, the first line of the last paragraph, and then sparingly across the body of the article.

Linking.Search engines are discriminatory of the types of links being used. The only “valid” links that count to search engines are those that are one-way – meaning the paged that is being linked to is used as a reference – and if the linking website already has an established reputation. Search engines treat links like recommendations or references so if an established website points to your website, it carries more weight than if a virtually unknown website is doing the linking.

From dentists review to hydro-farming tomatoes, the search engine results rank ultimately determines the fate of websites around the web. If you are a website administrator, it is important to keep these ideas in mind so you know how to position your own website and ensure its success.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

There’s a tough competition with the business industry today and they are using technology as one of their marketing strategy. They build website for their business for them to easily promote and reach out to their target customer. But with so many web pages today how can one business’ website stand out from the rest? The answer is to create web traffic, be the most visited site and search engine helps a website to create traffic. People often use search engine for everything that they need from finding on how to get swtor credits to learning the English meaning of canlı maç izle. So, how can a website increase their web traffic? Search engine optimization is the answer, because it is affecting the visibility of the web page.

Here are some tips for search engine optimization.

What Is SEO Linkvine?

First, you should know where your website stands on the ranking, is it on the upper part, middle, or your website is way back at the bottom. By monitoring your standing status you will know if the search engine optimization is working and you can still put more work on it if your website doesn’t have a good standing.  You can check your standing at Alexa or Google Toolbar.

“Kate Middleton and Prince William”, “How to segregate garbage?”, “Earth Hour” – those are samples of subjects that internet users usually enter on search engine. Internet users search for everything whether they needed the information badly or they just want to search it because they just thought of it. They input words or sentences to the search engine to trigger the information they are looking. That is why using keywords properly can help you on your search engine optimization and boost your website standing. According to the expert, the two most important parts to put the keywords are in title tag and page header. But don’t use too much keywords because your website might be mistaken as a spammer.

Always make an internal link to your site, it can help increase traffic and level up your standings.  Put a link back to your main page but again, don’t put too much links, it may turn your webpage visitors irritated.

An expert said “A fewer clicks to get to a page on your website, the better.”  There’ll be high chance for your website to appear when a search engine generates if you put a page listing and linking to some important page on your website; it is easier for the search engine to search your webpage.

Create an easy to read URL, use keywords that can be easily search. For example, try to use URL like www. than

If you like animations and fascinated with flash, it may look cool and impressive but in the search engine world, flash is unnecessary. The reason is Flash cannot be crawled by search engines. It won’t help to your search engine optimization at all. If you really need a flash on your main page, put a text or links below it.

Same with flash, no matter how attractive and impressive your images, still it won’t do anything for your search engine optimization. What you can do is to create description that is associated with the image. That can help you on your search engine optimization.

Make a good, informative content. Content should always be updated; one way of doing that is blogging. Assign someone to create an everyday blog in your webpage. Updating your webpage can increase your webpage traffic.

Nowadays, social media website is used for everything, for finding friends, connecting with your friends across the world and doing business as well. And now you can also use it for search engine optimization. Distribute your link to different social media websites with this strategy and you can widen the numbers of your webpage visitors.

Take advantage of your interpersonal skills, ask some webmaster to put your link to their webpage and make a commitment that you will do the same. A give and take relationship will give an advantage to both parties.

Following a good search engine optimization tips can surely boost your webpage ranking.

Latest Google Humming Bird Algorithm

An algorithm, in the easiest of words is a solution. It is something that generates solutions to problems. Algorithms are heavily dependent on mathematical formulae and are what the world of information technology is based upon. Since Google is the leader in the world of information technology, what better way for the technology giant to celebrate its fifteenth birthday than by giving the world a new algorithm? The algorithm was developed and put to use by august 30th 2013, however, google did not officially announce the change till September 26. To find out more details about this algorithm, keep reading!

Google has always claimed of being a step ahead of everyone else in the industry. Google also focuses on the importance of ‘human’ interaction between individuals and their machines and the company strives to make this interaction as human as possible. The latest algorithm, Google’s Humming Bird algorithm has been specifically designed by the company to ensure that a more ‘human’ interaction is made possible.

The Humming Bird algorithm is basically a search algorithm which, according to Google, is bound to give better search results to the users. You see, if you are trying to search Google to buy youtube views, this algorithm will make sure that your search results are optimized and improved. Similarly, if you want to buy soundcloud plays via Google, you will be able to do so through the best possible places as your search results will be highly in accordance with your needs.

The humming bird algorithm is not something that has excluded previous algorithms, in fact, this new algorithm has incorporated around 200 previously used algorithms as well! Now you can imagine the various different efficiencies that this algorithm probably comes with. It is definitely not something that one can expect to find any loopholes in. It looks like Google has once again set the standard very high.

The senior vice president at Google claimed that this algorithm update is the biggest update in three years. As a result of this tremendous development, Google search can now give more meaning to words than ever before. It doesn’t only use scattered words from different languages but has a more clear understanding of languages and sentences.  This is perhaps the biggest step that the world of Information Technology has taken towards semantic search thus making the search more human friendly.  Another very important part of this algorithm is the fact that it has taken into consideration the importance of mobile phone users and has made the use of voice search as well.

Just like the hummingbird, this algorithm is fast and accurate. It works in a miraculous way. Google chose this name specifically for these very reasons. As a result of this algorithm, Google rankings have gone further up in the market. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea for people to take US Fast Cash loans in order to buy Google shares because this is something that will end up resulting in a profit for all those who take the step.

The most basic yet most important SEO tips

Search engine optimization is a term that is not unheard of in the present world. Anyone who is even remotely involved in the world of blogging or the web in general has an idea of what this term means. For people who are not directly involved in this field, the term is still not something that doesn’t make sense; the words in themselves are quite self explanatory. In order for a business to be a success online, it is essential that the business be recognized by major search engines. For the sake of simplicity, I will take into consideration one search engine throughout this post; the leader of the industry, Google. This post will basically deal with the most important but basic tips of making your content search engine friendly!

Length of the content:

While it is preferable to keep posts concise, it is not a good idea to keep them too short. For a post to be indexed by Google, it needs to be at least 350-400 words long. Once your post reaches this level, it will automatically be eligible to be recognized and indexed by Google. It is therefore recommended that you keep your posts at an optimal length that is neither too short nor too long so that the search engine can easily identify your post.


This is perhaps the most important element of search engine optimization. For Google to recognize your content and index your post, it needs to have certain keywords present within it. Where do these keywords come from? That is a question that needs to be answered very accurately. These keywords are basically the trending searches that are identified by search engines themselves. Google Trends, for instance, is a good place to start such ventures.


The length of the post is also of crucial importance when it comes to search engine optimization. You see, the content needs to be of at least a certain length in order for it to be indexed by Google. Usually, a 450-500 word article is of an optimal length; not too long, yet long enough for Google to identify the presence of the article. The optimal length is essential in order to be a success with Google.


If the content contains any plagiarized material, Google will immediately identify it. That is a huge drawback for any website. Therefore, while preparing Search Engine friendly content, it is absolutely essential that you keep in mind the adverse impacts of copying someone else’s work. Be original!

The nature of the content itself:

This is a very crucial element. If your content is helpful, you will automatically get more referrals and people will want to work with you. Therefore, it is wise to provide valuable information so that your posts become a hit.

Search engine optimization can lead to success for a company. Without this, the modern day online business simply cannot function. In order to make your posts SEO friendly, the points mentioned above will definitely be of help to you!

Why is SEO important for your website?

For a business to succeed, they must sell their product or service. For any website that you plan to build, whether it’s for direct sales, for a blog with Adsmart capabilities, or to showcase a portfolio, it is important to gain exposure. In an increasingly internet-based arena it is crucial to pull in traffic from searches.

The process of increasing traffic to a site is known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Exposure can be gained by creating a website which uses SEO techniques in order to appear high in the rankings in a relevant search.


SEO is so important that enterprises have arisen their deals in SEO services, offering to infuse the given website with everything it needs to thrive in an internet search.

Your website, if not properly SEO’d, could be high quality, with a professional look, and offer everything that the customer might require, but it may still remain invisible, or so far down an internet back-alley that the customer is unlikely to venture there.

So what exactly is SEO?

Search engines use programs called robots (among other names), which crawl the internet from link to link, downloading and analysing each page they find. The pages are indexed and then, with the help of SEO, added to a database. Some sights are visited more than others by these “Bots” and appear higher on the search engine results.

The extent to which the robot is able to analyse the relevance of your page, is the amount of exposure you will receive in their search engine. When an internet user makes a search, it is incredibly important to be in a position where they can see you; every click on your site is another potential customer!

How Do I SEO?

The full truth of a search engine’s indexing, and of search engine ranking systems, is inside information belonging to the owners of the search engine. However, experimentation and partial information leaked by search engines, allows reasonable theories to be formed.

Some of the common techniques include:

Keywords and phrases; including keywords in the text, which are relevant to searches gains exposure. Google analytics, and other tools, can be incorporated to get an idea of which keywords are bringing traffic, and conversions.

Images and videos; include keywords used in the titles and tags, helps your site’s rank and also makes for a more enjoyable user experience.

Link building; gaining exposure through links is very important. The strongest links are organic, meaning someone has used your link in a natural way, without being paid to stuff it on their site.

Dynamic SEO

The robots which search engines used are constantly being changed and updated, in order to give users a more optimized experience. In the past website owners have attempted talent-less SEO tricks, such as spamming blogs with artificial links, and stuffing irrelevant keywords into texts at high densities, such as if I were to mention nomorerack 40 times in this article.

With Google Hummingbird leading the way, it is becoming increasingly important to create high quality content for your website. This will be the key factor coming into the next generation of SEO. The search engine programs are becoming increasingly attuned to recognizing the techniques of the past, and increasingly more able to discern meaning from text.

High quality, well written content, and correctly punctuated text, is the new SEO; it is known as “content marketing”. Producing meaningful text, or hiring writers who are able to produce meaningful text, is the invaluable method of right-now SEO.

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