Google’s Privacy Changes in 2012

Google have announced that they are combining their sixty policies into on as of 1 March 2012. This has been done to help advertisers find customers and help people find relevant searches.

It is frustrating doing searches on Google and it comes up with all sorts of things you’re not looking for, so maybe these changes are for the better.

The new privacy policy will cover all the services currently provided by Google, this includes searches, videos, mail and social media. Thankfully you won’t need an online computer science degree to navigate around Google anymore.

If you’re after it jobs or online masters in nursing, you will be able to find them with a simple click of the mouse. There are so many people who rely on Google and these changes can only make their experience easier and more effective.

The new policy will mostly apply to anyone with a Google account, though it will still help non Google account holders when it comes to searches. It’s like PPI mis selling, everyone can take advantage of the errors that banks made, now everyone can advantages of the new privacy policy by Google from 1 March 2012.

Google account holders will be able to suggest searches and tailor their search results from Google +1 once signed into their accounts. This makes it easy to manage, highly effective and exceptionally efficient.

So how is this policy going to benefit the users?

Businesses will be able to find customers easily with simplified and relevant search results, whether you’re selling ms finance or level term life insurance.

People will be able to refine their searches only accessing relevant searches. You won’t need a masters public administration to organize the results to find the one you are looking for

Once logged into your Google Account you will be able to suggest great searches such as Africa safari

When you’ve logged into your Google Account your searches will be tailored offering relevant search results. If you are often looking for Scrabble word finder, you will find the searches much quicker than before and they will relate to your chosen search.

By combining the sixty policies into one easy policy, it will make it more reader friendly for users; they will be able to understand the policy with ease whether they intend using Google Mail, Google Search, Google Video or social networking.

The new privacy policy will come into effect on 1 March 2012 and it has been discussed with various top companies to ensure that it doesn’t breach any privacy laws.

It’s so great that Google is taking its users into consideration when putting these policies into one easy to read policy, this means that your searches can be relevant and tailored to your preferences and it won’t matter whether you’re looking for a merchant cash advance or a particular product.

Google is a completely free service when it comes to searches and has some rivals in the online market place, by changing the policy to benefit the users, they may be able to increase their marketplace at the same time.