SEOLinkvine Scam or Ripoff? You decide…

Is SEO Linkvine a scam?

You’ve probably heard of SEOLinkvine on an internet forum, from a friend, or someone else in the industry and decided to do a little research. Well that’s exactly what you should do. The internet is filled with a bunch of crap “SEO tools” these days, and it is necessary to do research before making a final decision.

SEOLinkvine is NOT a scam

I’ve been a member of SEOLinkvine for several months now and have had nothing but good experiences with it. I will tell you that this may not be for everyone though, it really is dependent upon what you are trying to achieve.

What makes SEOLinkvine great?

Unlimited article submissions to HIGH quality blogs
Instant access to over 20,000 unique blogs with PageRank
Relevant backlinks – You choose your category!

If you have ever submitted to an article directory, or submitted to a link directory, then it’s time to readjust your link building strategy. Google simply doesn’t like these older link building strategies. Using auto-submission tools that submit your articles to thousands of low pagerank directories is a waste of time. In fact, most of the time Google won’t even find most of those links anways!

Blogs are a great source for backlinks. They are full of content, easily indexible, and great for the readers. Now imagine having instant access to 20,000 blogs that you can post your article on. Now picture your search engine rankings skyrocketing. You’ve just imagined SEOLinkvine.

Try SEOLinkvine for Free!

Brad Callen’s SEOLinkvine isn’t a scam. To prove that he has offered a 60-day money back guarantee! That’s right. He’s willing to bet that you’ll see the value of this service and he’s giving you 60 days to try it out. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Hundreds of users have had amazing experiences with Brad’s SEOLinkvine. Brad himself has even had amazing results with his SEO Linkvine service. He started a brand new website, and within 90 days ranked at the top of Google for an extremely competitive keyword. In fact, after only 90 days Brad was receiving over 6,500 unique visitors a
day! That’s more than just bragging rights. That’s down right impressive.

Customer Testimonials

Check out these testimonials from other users. These are internet marketers just like you and me that wanted a better link building service. They wanted something that actually worked for a change. Unlike other link building schemes, SEOLinkvine is different.