The most basic yet most important SEO tips

Search engine optimization is a term that is not unheard of in the present world. Anyone who is even remotely involved in the world of blogging or the web in general has an idea of what this term means. For people who are not directly involved in this field, the term is still not something that doesn’t make sense; the words in themselves are quite self explanatory. In order for a business to be a success online, it is essential that the business be recognized by major search engines. For the sake of simplicity, I will take into consideration one search engine throughout this post; the leader of the industry, Google. This post will basically deal with the most important but basic tips of making your content search engine friendly!

Length of the content:

While it is preferable to keep posts concise, it is not a good idea to keep them too short. For a post to be indexed by Google, it needs to be at least 350-400 words long. Once your post reaches this level, it will automatically be eligible to be recognized and indexed by Google. It is therefore recommended that you keep your posts at an optimal length that is neither too short nor too long so that the search engine can easily identify your post.


This is perhaps the most important element of search engine optimization. For Google to recognize your content and index your post, it needs to have certain keywords present within it. Where do these keywords come from? That is a question that needs to be answered very accurately. These keywords are basically the trending searches that are identified by search engines themselves. Google Trends, for instance, is a good place to start such ventures.


The length of the post is also of crucial importance when it comes to search engine optimization. You see, the content needs to be of at least a certain length in order for it to be indexed by Google. Usually, a 450-500 word article is of an optimal length; not too long, yet long enough for Google to identify the presence of the article. The optimal length is essential in order to be a success with Google.


If the content contains any plagiarized material, Google will immediately identify it. That is a huge drawback for any website. Therefore, while preparing Search Engine friendly content, it is absolutely essential that you keep in mind the adverse impacts of copying someone else’s work. Be original!

The nature of the content itself:

This is a very crucial element. If your content is helpful, you will automatically get more referrals and people will want to work with you. Therefore, it is wise to provide valuable information so that your posts become a hit.

Search engine optimization can lead to success for a company. Without this, the modern day online business simply cannot function. In order to make your posts SEO friendly, the points mentioned above will definitely be of help to you!