Why is SEO important for your website?

For a business to succeed, they must sell their product or service. For any website that you plan to build, whether it’s for direct sales, for a blog with Adsmart capabilities, or to showcase a portfolio, it is important to gain exposure. In an increasingly internet-based arena it is crucial to pull in traffic from searches.

The process of increasing traffic to a site is known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Exposure can be gained by creating a website which uses SEO techniques in order to appear high in the rankings in a relevant search.


SEO is so important that enterprises have arisen their deals in SEO services, offering to infuse the given website with everything it needs to thrive in an internet search.

Your website, if not properly SEO’d, could be high quality, with a professional look, and offer everything that the customer might require, but it may still remain invisible, or so far down an internet back-alley that the customer is unlikely to venture there.

So what exactly is SEO?

Search engines use programs called robots (among other names), which crawl the internet from link to link, downloading and analysing each page they find. The pages are indexed and then, with the help of SEO, added to a database. Some sights are visited more than others by these “Bots” and appear higher on the search engine results.

The extent to which the robot is able to analyse the relevance of your page, is the amount of exposure you will receive in their search engine. When an internet user makes a search, it is incredibly important to be in a position where they can see you; every click on your site is another potential customer!

How Do I SEO?

The full truth of a search engine’s indexing, and of search engine ranking systems, is inside information belonging to the owners of the search engine. However, experimentation and partial information leaked by search engines, allows reasonable theories to be formed.

Some of the common techniques include:

Keywords and phrases; including keywords in the text, which are relevant to searches gains exposure. Google analytics, and other tools, can be incorporated to get an idea of which keywords are bringing traffic, and conversions.

Images and videos; include keywords used in the titles and tags, helps your site’s rank and also makes for a more enjoyable user experience.

Link building; gaining exposure through links is very important. The strongest links are organic, meaning someone has used your link in a natural way, without being paid to stuff it on their site.

Dynamic SEO

The robots which search engines used are constantly being changed and updated, in order to give users a more optimized experience. In the past website owners have attempted talent-less SEO tricks, such as spamming blogs with artificial links, and stuffing irrelevant keywords into texts at high densities, such as if I were to mention nomorerack 40 times in this article.

With Google Hummingbird leading the way, it is becoming increasingly important to create high quality content for your website. This will be the key factor coming into the next generation of SEO. The search engine programs are becoming increasingly attuned to recognizing the techniques of the past, and increasingly more able to discern meaning from text.

High quality, well written content, and correctly punctuated text, is the new SEO; it is known as “content marketing”. Producing meaningful text, or hiring writers who are able to produce meaningful text, is the invaluable method of right-now SEO.